TOAST Circle Terms & Conditions

  1. Only non-damaged TOAST garments will be accepted. Garments must be clean and ironed.
  2. Swapped garments are to be handed to a member of the TOAST team to be checked and quarantined for 72 hours before being displayed.
  3. Once garments have been handed over they cannot be returned to the owner, so please only bring garments you no longer want.
  4. Garments must be clean and ironed.
  5. For each TOAST garment (maximum of five), you will receive a token.
  6. There are two tiers of tokens, which reflect the original value of the TOAST garment: one for under £200, one for over £200.
  7. A higher tier item can be exchanged for a lower or higher tier item.
  8. A lower tier item must be exchanged for another lower tier item.
  9. Due to the nature of the project, we cannot guarantee that you will find items you would like to redeem your token on immediately.
  10. You may return your newly exchanged TOAST garment, at any point while the initiative is running, to a participating TOAST shop (Bath, Edinburgh, London Mayfair, London Notting Hill or Oxford). Upon returning your garment, you may swap your garment with another from the same original tier.
  11. There is no time limit on the use of each token.
  12. TOAST can choose to end this initiative at any point and will not be held accountable for any tokens that remain un-exchanged.
  13. Minimum age is 18 years.


What can you exchange?
Dresses, skirts, trousers, shirts, tops, knitwear, jackets, coats, nightwear, loungewear.

What is not accepted?
Swimwear, underwear, jewellery, footwear, accessories, hand bags, homewares, damaged or unclean items.