Land & Garden

Exploring our relationship with nature. From sleeping under the stars and reconnecting with the land to growing produce and creating a garden.
Encouraging Nature through Farming with Author James Rebanks

We speak to the writer and shepherd about his second book English Pastoral and his considered approach to agriculture.

3 months ago
Modern Life from Wilder Land | A Manifesto by Sebastian Cox

A vision for nature-first land from the London-based craftsman and environmentalist.

5 months ago
Brooklyn Grange | A Rooftop Farm in New York

Bringing people together through growing in unused spaces.

5 months ago
Returning to the Urban Wilderness with Maya Thomas

The London-based herbologlist, writer and chef on the wisdom of weeds. 

5 months ago
An Autumnal Chelsea Flower Show with Alys Fowler

For the first time ever, RHS Chelsea sidestepped spring and is being held in September.

6 months ago
Investing in Nature and Restoring Biodiversity with SUGi Forest Makers

Creating small-scale forests in urban areas community by community.

6 months ago
The Rhythms of Beekeeping with Lia Markwick

We talk to the Sussex-based apiarist about the recurring rituals of beekeeping.

6 months ago
Foraged & Found | Our Autumn Windows by Fox & Thorn

A celebration of plants gathered by people across the centuries for food, medicine and dyes.

6 months ago
Creating an Edible Forest with Restaurateur Clare Lattin

The co-founder of Ducksoup on leaving London to grow food guided by nature on the edge of Dartmoor.

7 months ago
Spring Wreaths with Fox & Thorn | Time to Make

A simple guide to making sculptural, wild wreaths.

1 year ago
The Roots that Bind | A Welsh Garden

Nature writer Matt Collins on creating his mother's garden in Wales. 

1 year ago
Restoring Native Woodland with Moor Trees

We speak to the Director of the Dartmoor-based conservation charity.

1 year ago
Calibrating a Rural Relocation

Nature writer Matt Collins adjusts to a new landscape in Suffolk.

1 year ago
Light Rain Sometimes Falls: An Essay by Olivia Meehan

Reflections on the winter season of hibernation at the allotment garden.

1 year ago
A Stretch of Suffolk | Five Acre Barn

David Woodbine and Bruce Badrock explore their East Anglian landscape.

1 year ago
Fox & Thorn | The Making of our Christmas Windows

We talk to Paula Ellis about the inspiration behind our golden Christmas windows.

1 year ago
A Garden in Lockdown

The Garden Museum's Matt Collins reflects on our relationship with flowers.

1 year ago
Tips for Tending Houseplants | Time to Make

From keeping your houseplants healthy to growing your collection.

1 year ago
The Philosophy Behind Niwaki Tools

Jake Hobson first travelled to Osaka to become a sculptor, and discovered the art of topiary

2 years ago
Rewilding with Grace Alexander | Time to Make

Somerset seedmonger Grace Alexander shares her tips on rewilding.

2 years ago
Grace Alexander | A Somerset Seedmonger

We talk to seed grower Grace Alexander from her potting shed.

2 years ago
The Secret Life of Snow

Giles Whittell explores the wonders and mysteries of snow.

2 years ago
Winter Flowers | Frida Kim

We meet the floral designer behind our Christmas Windows.

2 years ago
The Magic of Sea Buckthorn

A trip to the east coast of Scotland to watch the harvest of this vivid berry.

2 years ago