Molesworth and Bird Seaweed Print Set

Size: One Size

TOAST has collaborated with Molesworth & Bird on an exclusive set of three prints featuring their pressed seaweeds, as a limited run of 100 print sets. Founders Melanie Molesworth and Julia Bird responsibly gather seaweed that has washed up on the coast in Cornwall and Dorset, then press it using large mechanical wood presses. Printed locally on FSC-certified paper which is acid free and biodegradable, then placed in a grey presentation folder made from recycled chlorine-free card.


FSC-certified paper.
Made in the United Kingdom.
21cm x 29.8cm.
Read about Molesworth & Bird's process in our Magazine and watch founders Melanie and Julia in their studio on our Instagram.

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In the Studio with Molesworth & Bird

In Molesworth & Bird’s Lyme Regis studio, captivating seaweed specimens sprawl across paper in shades of dark olive and moss through to plum and rhubarb. The otherworldly fronds are reminiscent of trees and branches found above land, but their sense of movement is changed, from growing under the surface of the sea. Gathered from the Jurassic coastline where Mary Anning once searched for fossils, some specimens are so delicate and lace-like, they are mistaken for watercolours when pressed. “They just sink into the paper,” Melanie Molesworth explains. “We have to persuade visitors to the shop that they are very much real.”

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