Netherton Foundry Ironware

Durable, heat-retaining ironware made by hand in Shropshire by family-run company Netherton Foundry, designed to last. For camping and weekends away in the countryside.

Netherton Foundry Outdoor Iron Pan

Size: One Size

Pre-seasoned, hand spun black iron. Riveted oak handle, that can be detached and swivelled inside for neat storage and easy carrying. For high temperature frying and browning on stoves and open fires - ideal for camping and weekends away in the countryside. Seasoned with flax oil that has been grown and harvested in West Sussex, giving a hard finish and lovely patina to the iron. Simply wash in hot water, without any soap or detergent and dry in the oven on a low heat. Over time, the iron can be seasoned again easily at home. To season, remove the wood handles and use a thin layer of oil, applying it with a cotton cloth, and place in a hot oven for an hour. Made by hand by Netherton Foundry - a small Shropshire-based foundry creating cast and spun black iron for kitchens and the outdoors.


99.1% pure iron, oak handle.
Made in the UK.
26cm rim diameter, 20cm base diameter, 19cm handle length. Weight 1.2kg.

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