Style & Stories

The stories behind our most remarkable pieces and the histories of the colours we use. Interviews with our makers and round-ups of our workshops and events.
Studio Kettle | Time to Make

Alex Jones creates practical bags and hats inspired by fisherman styles in his Yorkshire studio.

18 days ago
Repair & Revive | Three Sashiko Mending Stories

We trace the narratives behind a selection of pieces mended through our free repair service, TOAST Renewal.

27 days ago
Mariah Nielson | TOAST Portraits

Mina Holland meets with the design consultant and daughter of celebrated sculptor JB Blunk.

1 month ago
Geetie Singh-Watson | TOAST Insider

The ethical entrepreneur on preserving and reinvigorating The Bull Inn, Totnes.

1 month ago
In the Studio with Molesworth & Bird

We speak to Melanie Molesworth and Julia Bird about their seaweed design company, which is based between Lyme Regis and Cornwall.

1 month ago
Learning to Patchwork in Gee’s Bend, Alabama

An extract from author Victoria Finlay’s latest book, Fabric.

2 months ago
Elemental Compositions | Our Spring Summer Collection

This season we look to artists and makers creating dynamic objects using materials close to hand.

2 months ago
In the Studio with Potter Grace McCarthy

We speak to the east London-based potter about the process behind her artistic everyday pieces.

2 months ago
Repair & Revive | Three Knitwear Mending Stories

We trace the narratives behind a selection of pieces mended by our TOAST Renewal repair specialists.

3 months ago
Nitty Gritty | A Future-Facing Shop in Stockholm

We talk to owner Marcus Söderlind and Head Womenswear Buyer Nina Wiik about their creative vision.

4 months ago
In the Studio with Printmaker Philippa Thomas

We talk to the artist about working in between Bristol and Skye and her exclusive cards for TOAST.

4 months ago
Labour and Wait | Meet the Founders

Simon Watkins and Rachel Wythe-Moran on sourcing their timeless household collections.

4 months ago
Henrietta Inman | TOAST Portraits

Mina Holland meets with cook and baker at Wakelyns farm, Henrietta Inman.

5 months ago
In the Studio with Printmaker Angela Harding

We speak to the Rutland-based artist about her process and exclusive advent calendar for TOAST.

5 months ago
Handled with Care | Inside Heritage Knitwear Factory Bonner of Ireland

The family-run business on longevity and staying true to the heritage of hand knits.

5 months ago
In the Studio with Potter Tim Lake

The Wales-based ceramicist balances vigour with quietness in his simple pottery.

5 months ago
Tom of Holland Reimagines Our Shirts with Intricate Embroidery

The Brighton-based repair artist on his collaboration with TOAST.

6 months ago
Plain Goods | Meet the Founders

We speak to Michael DePerno and Andrew Fry about their shop Plain Goods in New Preston, Connecticut.

6 months ago
Woven from Waste | Maria Sigma & Candice Lau

Weaver Maria Sigma and leather worker Candice Lau experiment with remnants and offcuts to create bags designed to last.

6 months ago
Kelsey Rose Dawson | New Makers

Montreal-based ceramicist Kelsey Rose Dawson talks to us about mapping the land through her earthy vessels.

6 months ago
Early Autumn | TOAST Styling Conversations

We share key pieces from our August collection, from lightweight trousers and easy shirts to cocooning sweaters.

7 months ago
Tracing the History of the Clog through Dance and Movement

Considering how wooden shoes are tied to performance around the world, from the Netherlands to Japan.

7 months ago
In the Studio with Botanical Dye Artist Ros Humphries

The Kent-based founder of The Natural Dyeworks on living her true values.

7 months ago
Jodie Metcalfe | New Makers

Durness-based jeweller Jodie Metcalfe talks to us about creating her elemental jewellery.

7 months ago